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Modern Skate Team Questions

Q: How do I get sponsored?
A: We have a summer contest series, MASKS (Michigan Amateur Skate Kontest Series), which crowns the State Champion in Skateboarding, Inline skating and BMX biking. This is where we look at who could possibly be on the Modern Skate Team.

Remember, it's not only how good a skater you are, but how good a person you are in order to get on the team.

No attitudes. Respect others. Mentor those younger and less skilled than you. That's most important.

Modern Skate & Surf Store Questions

Q: When is the 2010 Snowboard Swap Sale?
A: Royal Oak: November 11-13
Lansing: November 18-20

Q: What hours are your stores open?
A: As the holidays approach, store hours will vary. Here is a list of all normal and holiday hours for each store:

Regular Hours

Q: What if I find a product for less at another store or on line?
A: Modern Skate & Surf strives to have the most competitive pricing in Michigan and throughout the country. If you find a product for less on line or in a mail order catalogue, we will match the price, including any shipping costs. Just print it out and bring it in to the store and we will match the price.

We will match any local competitor's price, as long as they have the same exact item, size and style in stock. We do reserve the right not to match a price.

Q: How much does it cost to put together a complete skateboard (deck, trucks, wheels, bearings)?
A: Depending on the wheels, trucks, etc., the full cost is anywhere between $140 and $200.

We also have brand name complete skateboards offered to us preassembled at a discount, which we pass on to you, with costs ranging from $89.95 - $129.95

Q: How much does it cost to have parts bought in the store assembled?
A: We will assemble all products that we sell at no extra cost.

Modern Skate Park Questions

Q: What time(s) are skate sessions at the Modern Skate Parks?
A: The session times for Modern Skate Park Royal Oak can be found here.

Q: How do I get a wavier for the Modern Skate Parks?
A: The wavier for our Modern Skate Parks can be downloaded and printed out here.

Q: What are the pad requirements to use the Modern Skate Parks?
A: 12 and under-- protective gear required (knee, elbow, & helmet). Wrist guards are no longer required for those 12 and under.
13 and over-- helmet required (all pads recommended).

IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD, waiver must be signed in person (or signed and notarized) by the biological parent or legal guardian --NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q: How do I book an event at one of the Modern Skate Parks?
A: For event bookings and inquiries, send an e-mail to events@modernskate.com.