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PJ Ladd

Patrick John Ladd hails from Rockland, Massachusetts, where he started skating in 1990. Early on, P.J. found a lot of inspiration from the Plan B team, a unit he still holds in high regard. P.J. has always been a well-rounded skater, treating vert ramps, bowls, flatland and anything else with the same enthusiasm as a huge staircase or ledge. He has even clocked in session time at classic Boston area old school spots like Turtles, the Metals and the Boston Hospital volcano. P.J. is known as something of a recluse, skating by himself more often than not. He is obsessed–almost haunted–by skateboarding. He can’t stop thinking about it. New trick ideas and dream spots constantly occupy his head, and 12-hour sessions from noon to midnight with few breaks are not uncommon. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that P.J. can so quickly assemble such a highly regarded video part as the one he produced for Really Sorry.