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Maybe the most driven athlete in action sports, Palmer doesn't believe in top 10 or even top 3 -- it's all about the win, and it's all or nothing. Until Shaun White's double-gold in '06, Palmer held the record for most gold in Winter X Games history (6), and he's still tied for that record with White and Skier Tanner Hall. Palmer has earned his golds in four different sports, and even though he's the oldest snowboard competitor in Winter X history at 39, he's still strong enough to school the youngsters. Over the years, Palmer's fiercely competitive drive and superhuman skills in multiple sports have made fellow competitors nervous. SBX is his sport, however, and with his first win since 2001 UltraCross coming just a month ago in Dec. '07 at the Jeep King of the Mountain in Telluride, Palmer's on track to regain the top spot at the Winter X Games.