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Despite Shaun's superstar status, Winter X Games 2007 was the first time since Feb. 2005 that the Flying Tomato didn't win a SuperPipe contest, and for the first time in four years, he didn't win Winter X Slopestyle gold either (though he did take Winter X SuperPipe silver and Slopestyle bronze). White rules two different sports simultaneously: Skateboard Vert and Snowboard SuperPipe & Slopestyle. The 2006 Winter Olympic gold medalist (halfpipe, Torino, ITA) devotes himself entirely to each sport during its season. In mid-April, he put away his snowboard, picked up his skateboard, and proceeded to win X Games (Skateboard Vert) and the 2007 Dew Tour. In Sept. '07, the kid who started competing at age 13 turned 21 with a birthday bash in Las Vegas, complete with a stop at the Playboy Club.