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DC recognizes the fusion between art and skateboarding, taking footwear to the next level. Delivering uncompromising comfort, durability, and eye-catching fashion, DC is the source for everyday and technical skateboarding footwear.

"The history of DC Shoes is, essentially, the history of the modern skateboard shoe."

While DC Shoes was still in the conceptual stage back in 1993, a mission was agreed upon: to make a significant change in skateboarding style and to elevate skateboard performance to the highest level. With technology like DGT™, PERFORMALITE™ and their trademarked "pill" pattern, DC continues to push the technological envelope.

DC continues to stay true to its original mission - pushing style and performance a step ahead of the competition, from the drawing board, to the computer, to the factory, to the concrete and masonite of skateboarding's proving grounds.

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