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Globe has a healthy disrespect for the established way of doing things, and they embrace new ways of looking at the world. For Globe, it's always a TIME FOR CHANGE™. It’s Globe’s motto, mantra, maxim or whatever you want to call it. It says Globe won't lose its edge. It’s what keeps Globe moving, progressing and able to stay fresh when so many others are pushing the same-old sameness.

Skateboarding and surfing would not be the sports they are today if it weren't for professionals such as Rodney Mullen, Mark Occhilupo, Chet Thomas, and Taj Burrow who have made unparalleled contributions to advancing these sports. Globe skate and surf and Globe boys skate and surf proudly sponsors these and many other world-class athletes who participate in youth and adult surfing and skateboarding.

TIME FOR CHANGE™ is really just Globe’s predisposition toward progress. Globe surf shoes and Globe skate shoes actively endorse an open culture that encourages change, which in turn creates enthusiasm and spawns an overall excitement about what they do, how they do things and the new things that have yet to emerge. Globe skaters and surfers are truly Unified By Fate™ in their philosophy, TIME FOR CHANGE™.

Check out Globe.tv to see Globe’s skate team: Mark Appleyard, Greg Lutzka, Chris Haslam, Paul Machnau, Matt Mumford, Jake Duncombe, David Gonzales & Rodney Mullen in an episodic skate video - United By Fate™.

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