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Good style is hard to define, but easy to see. There are not set rules, but the formula is the same whether linking lines through the park, tucking into the tress or hanging out after a rad day on the hill. Elements like progression, creativity and skill each play a part, but a smooth flow elevates some clearly above the rest. Studying these talented few - those who make even the hard look easy - gives Foursquare a template and potent source of inspiration.

The Foursquare three-in-one system easily adapts to the days riding forecast. Foursquare pairs a waterproof, seam-taped shell with a snap-in, mini-heater for a full range of function. Foursquare makes it easy for the person who has a hard time settling on one jacket for every condition.

Foursquare knows that staying out in shifting conditions requires a solid layering strategy. Foursquare's waterproof shells form the seal by keeping weather outside while still letting sweat escape. Foursquare's seam-taped fabrics, heat-dumping vents and cuts that accommodate a Foursquare fleece or Foursquare hoody underneath, give anyone wearing Foursquare clothing the flexibility required to ride in any weather.

At Foursquare, they have always designed gear that blends form with function. Foursquare starts with high-quality waterproof/breathable fabrics and tweak them with Foursquare's original elements like texture, toughness and comfortable interiors. The inspiration for Foursquare's best ideas - such as arm-to-arm venting, snap-in heaters and hidden glove holders - come straight from Foursquare's own memorable days on snow. And to add the Foursquare signature, Foursquare keeps the style clean.

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