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IPATH footwear was the first established in 1998 with a vision to offer an alternative path to what was happening in skate footwear.

It was the idea of professional skateboarder Matt Field. Matt originally wanted a skate shoe that was fashionable, yet simple. In addition, he wanted his shoes to be good for skateboarding performance. Matt combined these ideas with his positive outlook on life and thus “I-PATH” – meaning “follow your path” – was developed.

IPATH has slowly evolved since then, but they have held true to their roots. As they evolve, you will continue to see a further commitment from Matt Field and their entire IPATH team to consistently offer an alternative to what is out there, an new way of looking at things, and a product that many can identify with.

With newest addition to the Ipath family, Bob Burnquist, Ipath's team of riders continues to change the look of traditional skateboarding. With its grass roots beginning and dedication to nature, Ipath shoes and Ipath clothing are some of the most unique on the market. Their earth heritage continues on today for Ipath. They started with a unique purpose to focus on classic style, individuality and introduce alternative materials to skateboarders while carving away from the tech craze. The Ipath purpose remains the same to this day.

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