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Lib Tech

Lib-Tech is on a mission out of cloned marketing stagnation into the unknown frontier of design where true performance advancements can still be made. The snowboard is a beautiful canvas for visual fashion trends and a breeding ground for invisible infinitesimal technological advancements; however, it is the physical shape of the board that holds the power to change the actual act of snowboarding.

Lib-Tech MAGNE-TRACTION replaces the "two contact point ski theory". Conventional skis and snowboards have two contact points. Lib-Tech Magne-Traction boards have seven! With Lib-Tech Magne-Traction, when your two outside contact points lose grip, you've still got five more to take over. You won't fall as much. A Lib-Tech board rides like a skateboard. You can control and turn initiation from under your feet, not a foot and a half to either side of your feet. Lib-Tec has created a better edge hold.

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