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Emerica boasts one of the best teams in all of skateboarding. With seasoned professionals such as Andrew Reynolds who remain at the highest performance level along with an influx of young skaters such as Kevin "Spanky" Long, Leo Romero and Jerry Hsu destined for greatness, the only thing comparable to the Emerica Team is the Emerica Product. Emerica shoes are made with superior function in mind, and you need not look any further to find footwear ideal for handling all of your skateboarding needs. The perfect amalgamation of veterans and young skaters, Emerica’s skate team mixes the classic along with the new to create the best skateboarding footwear possible.

Youth street skaters are key to the progression of skateboarding, and Emerica has opened the door for these youth skaters with its Emerica youth skate shoes. Emerica kids skate shoes benefit from all of the technology in its adult line while maintaining the Emerica image and culture.

From its technology filled shoes to the underground image and culture they cultivate, Emerica brings you the true street side of skateboarding. With advanced in technology like STI Foam and G2 cushioning, Emerica will keep its signature on the action sports industry for years to come. Check out our selection of Emerica Skateboard Shoes