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Backcountry n. - Areas on the mountain outside of a resort's boundaries. Can provide a unique boarding experience, but ride at your own risk!

Balaclava n. - Facemask which generally covers entire face except for eyes and mouth. Also known as a "ski mask."

Base n. - 1. The underside of a snowboard, the side that is in contact with the snow while riding 2. The overall depth of snow

Baseplate n. - The underside of a snowboard binding, in direct contact with the top of the snowboard

Binding n. - The piece of equipment which fastens to a snowboard and is used to hold the boots in place. (See our Snowboard Binding Buying Guide for more information)

Black Diamond n. - On a resort's map, denotes a trail recommended for experts only. Double black diamond trails are the most difficult trails a resort has to offer

Blue Square n. - On a resort's map, denotes an intermediate trail, usually the most popular trails

Bomb v. - The act of riding down a hill as fast as possible, sometimes out of control

Bunny Slope n. - Beginner's area, usually a hill with a very small incline

Bust v. - The act of performing a trick e.g. "You certainly know how to bust a proper 360 method!"

Butter v. - The act of performing a tail press on flatland or a box

Camber n. - The amount of space beneath the center of a snowboard when it lays on a flat surface and its weight rests on the tip and tail. (See our Snowboard Buying Guide for more information on camber)

Cant n. - The angle at which the boot rests on the board

Carving v. - The act of turning using the edges of a snowboard

Edge n. - The sharpened metal strip on each side of the snowboard, which aids in turning by cutting into the snow

Effective Edge n. - The length of a snowboard's edge

Fakie adj. - Riding or performing a trick facing the opposite direction than you usually would. For a rider with a regular stance, this would mean riding with your right foot forward, thus making the trick more difficult e.g. "You performed that trick quite well, old chap, but can you do it fakie?"

Freestyle n. - Snowboarding style primarily focused on tricks

Goofy adj. - Riding stance in which the rider primarily has their right foot forward. The opposite of Regular stance, and not to be confused with riding fakie. Whether a rider rides Goofy or Regular is matter of personal preference, based upon however the rider is most comfortable riding

Halfpipe n. - U-shaped channel, varying in size, with walls on each side which act as ramps allowing riders to catch repeated airs by going back and forth, building momentum

Hardpack n. - Term for snow which has been tightly packed from repeated grooming

Huck v. - The act of launching off or a ramp or jump

Indy n. - Type of grab in which the rear hand is used to grab the board in between the legs. One of the most basic grabs in snowboarding

Jib v. - The act of riding on a surface which is not snow, e.g. fun boxes, rails, etc.  "I thoroughly enjoy jibbing rails in the park"

Jibber n. - One who jibs

Kicker n. - Ramp built by riders used to get air where they otherwise could not

Line n. - The path you take down a trail

Lip n. - The topmost portion of a ramp, usually the part of the ramp with the steepest incline

Nose n. - The front tip of a snowboard

Park n. - Used to refer to an area of a resort or a style of riding focused on jibbing boxes and rails. Some park areas also include a halfpipe

Pipe n. - Slang term for halfpipe

Pow n. - Slang term for powder

Powder n. - Fresh, dry and lightweight snow. The opposite of hardpack, powder is generally considered the more preferable of the two snow types

Press v. - The act of applying pressure to an area of the board, generally the nose or tail

Rail n. - A bar, typically made of metal, which a rider slides upon

Regular n. - Riding stance in which the rider primarily has their left foot forward

Reverse Camber n. - A board which lifts the nose and tail when laid on a flat surface, as opposed to traditional camber which lifts the area in between the nose and tail. Also referred to as "rocker" by some manufacturers, this style of board provides a ride more similar to a skateboard and is prefereed by many park riders

Rip v. - The act of snowboarding very well e.g. "My heavens! I've never witnessed someone rip as well as you!"

Sidecut n. - The inner curvature of a snowboard. The deeper a snowboard's sidecut, the sharper a rider can turn

Steez n. - Used to describe a riding style in which the rider performs tricks with style and ease, may also be used as an adjective e.g. "In days of yore, I knew a fellow who made every trick look so effortless; he was incredibly steezy"

Stomp v. - The act of landing a trick cleanly

Superpipe n. - Extremely large halfpipe, with walls up to 20 ft. tall

Switch adj. - Term used to describe a trick performed while riding fakie  e.g. "That switch method you pulled was quite exquisite."

Tail n. - The rear tip of a snowboard

Turning Radius n. - Describes how tightly a snowboard can turn, a product of the board's sidecut

Twin Tip n. - Snowboard shape with identical nose and tail shapes. Boards of this type make it easier to perform fakie or switch tricks.

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