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Black Winter DVD - Standard Films

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Dropping banger shred flicks on the snowboard community for nearly 20 years, Standard Films has been capturing the essence of all things snowboarding since 1991. With past season’s gems including Paradox and Aesthetica, Standard looks forward to shaking up the scene with their new film Black Winter set to release fall ’09.

With a list of shreds including riders like Eric Jackson, Torstein Horgmo, Lonnie Kauk, Chas Guldemond, Andreas Wiig and Mark Landvik, Black Winter will showcase the sports progression with a unique artistic edge.

Always a supporter of timeless snowboarding since the TB days, Snowboarder Magazine is proud to offer their stamp of approval and support to Standard Films. Publisher Chris Engelsman says, “We're stoked to be partnering with Standard to document the best riders in the world; their caliber of riders, film quality and pioneering new zones has raised the level of snowboarding for years.

Branching out from their full-length films, Standard is entering the sixth season of production for The Standard Snowboard Show for Fuel TV. Their unique approach to documentation has raised the standards for a televised snowboard series, transcending boundaries between a winter’s worth of collecting footage and exposing the lifestyles of top riders.

Whether viewing the work of Standard in the form of Black Winter or The Standard Snowboard Show, Standard Films uses their acquired knowledge from their snowboarding past to continue creating innovative films in the future.

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