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Capita Indoor Survival 152 Snowboard 2014

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Made to be one of the CAPiTA snowboarding team's favorite boards, the CAPiTA Indoor Survival Snowboard is the go-to board inside and outside of the park. Built to be a durable, bombproof freestyle board the Indoor Survival comes with a handful of burly tech to provide a board that won't give in. The SS Select Core gives this board an even flex for strength, durability and peace of mind while riding wherever the heck you want. Make the mountain bow down to your greatness with a board that is not afraid to throw massive backflips and spins without a problem.
Rocker Type
Freestyle FK - Dual reverse camber FK freestyle shape. Flat based from outer insert to out insert provides stability at high speeds on groomed runs. Elevated contact points turn on a dime and float effortlessly while stomping in powder.
Flat Kick Technology - With Flat Kick design technology CAPiTA has tightened the profile radius that blends the shoulders of the board into the tip and tail height. This is a key area that influences the tempo and feel of turn initiation. With traditional larger tip and tail arcs, the loaded camber contributes to a board's acceleration into a turn. On reverse camber boards the contact points are elevated, removing this camber contribution. As a result, the same traditional tip and tail radii would make the board feel sluggish. Specialized Flat Kick tip and tail arcs combined with elevated reverse camber contact points achieve the ideal tempo into turns. This allows you to have the shorter effective edge of a forgiving, easy to ride, reverse camber snowboard that is still responsive and quick during edge-to-edge transitions.
5 Flex - 5, perfect for all-mountain riding.
True Twin - Ride switch, regular, or upside down, this board won't care; completely symmetrical from tip to tail.
Radial; True Twin - A radial sidecut is a single radius design that allows your board to start and finish a turn on the same arc. Centered stance.
SS Select Core - Engineered to ride the whole mountain, the SS Select Core provides a perfect balance between energy, reliability, stability and pop. Vertically laminated poplar is lightweight and has a long grain orientation. There are no irregularities or finger joints allowing for consistent uniform flex throughout the deck.
Form 6 - This configuration consists of biaxial fiberglass placed on both the base and topside of the core, each layer having fibers oriented in zero and 90 degree angles, laminated to increase energy and durability. This provides a durable and predictable board while retaining necessary pop.
Silk-screened ABS sidewalls
XXX[TRUDED] - This base material takes the characteristics of manufacturing techniques used in creating normal extruded base material but due to higher pressure and temperature, increases the surface hardness to levels near most sintered bases. This increases the durability and surface strength creating a base that will last longer and be more durable when jibbing and bombing around the mountain.
360 degree steel edges
PLT topsheet technology
Silkscreen combo base graphics
Additional Features
2x20 mm Carbon + Kevlar Beams - Carbon is one of the most responsive, lightweight materials available. Kevlar is one of the strongest, most durable materials available. The combination yields an optimum blend of performance and reliability in snowboard construction.
Aluminum logo base inlay

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