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USD Demetrios George Classic Throne

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USD's Demetrios George Classic Throne skate comes with improved liners, better buckles and an awesome classic look.  These skates come complete with the new Kizer Fluid 4 frames, USD/Undercover wheels, ABEC 7 bearings and Undercover anti-rockers.

More skate details:
New USD Liner: Neoprene toe area, nice lacing design to get the liners tight, sturdy tongue that is designed after the USD Carbon liners.

Classic Throne Soul Plates: The design of these classic soul plates from USD has remained extremely popular over the years because they give you a good sized soul and negative soul area which makes it easier to stay locked in on soul grind tricks. The pre-grooved backslide area lines up great with the Kizer fluid frames to really lock you in those especially long grinds.

Kizer Fluid 4 Pro Frames: Increased the width of the groove which has been the recent trend for frames because it allows you to comfortably grind on a variety of obstacles. Kizer has stuck with the Nylon Zytel material because it is one of the most durable, fastest sliding plastics available.

Overall the USD classic throne skate is great for aggressive skaters of all skill levels and is ready for you take right out of the box skate!
Black on black everything
Improved Buckles
New USD Phoenix Pro Liners
New Kizer Fluid 4 frames
USD/Undercover Demtrios George Pro Wheels
ABEC 7 bearings
UC anti rockers


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