Rome Mini Shred KIDS Snowboard 90CM - 2020

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Set young ones up for success on the Minishred Rocker. This true twin board is built to help limit crashes for newer and younger riders and in turn encourage progression and love for snowboarding. The key to this system is the super forgiving NoHang-Ups Rocker profile that mixes a flat section from contact point to contact point with rocker out to the tip and tail and 3D base contours. This combination raises edges at the contact points slightly off of the snow that they can still be engaged when carving properly but will not grab the snow at surprising times like classic edges or a camber profile would. Additionally this board is constructed using classic snowboard materials and standard shapes so that the transition to a more senior board will be a smooth one.

  • Forgiving and fun board for riders looking to catch the bug
  • True twin shape encourages riding both way to get comfortable
  • Flat and rocker profile offers forgiveness while encouraging edging
  • Soft flex is easily manipulated by younger and smaller riders
  • Lightweight matrix core is durable and lively for little riders
  • 4-hole mounting pattern works with the vast majority of bindings
  • Board Size: 90CM