Rollerblade Twincam ILQ-0 Pro Bearings


*Inline skates are in high demand and our warehouse is shipping with limited staff on limited days with the Covid-19 pandemic currently going on.  We are attempting to keep inventory as current as possible.  Please be patient with your order during these trying times and allow some extra time to receive your order.  We will contact you with an estimate of when you should receive your order.

Twincam ILQ-9 Pro Bearings are designed for optimal performance using an exclusive 6-ball bearing design.  Larger weight loads and less void in the bearing create a smoother spin with the SCRS (S-Channel Rubber Shield) system; TK racing gel (Made in the USA) lubricates the bearings.  16 bearings and 8 spacers are included, with a storage box.

• EXTREME SPIN, SPEED AND DURABILITY - Exclusive 6-ball bearing design
• SCRS SHIELD - Dirt/dust prevention enhances performance
• TK GEL - Coats the bearings for optimal speed, made in the USA