Kwik Ceramic Skate Bearings 16 pack - 8mm


KwiK Ceramic bearings takes the prestigious quality of ceramics, and pushes them even further to outperform even the toughest competition. Ceramic ball bearings are well-known in the skateboarding and roller derby world to accelerate faster and roll farther than traditional steel ball bearings. Because of their material, they are more resistant to heat, dirt, moisture, and rust. The extreme hardness and chemically-resistant nature of ceramic also makes them more durable and much more long-lasting than steel - they actually polish themselves as they roll. The higher price tag makes them worth it when you see and feel how much faster and smoother they roll, and how much longer they last.

KwiK Ceramic bearings take the already-advanced characteristics of ceramic, and combine it with a Titanium Nitride coating that is applied to both sides of the bearing shield as well as the inner and outer bearing races. The finish is visible in the striking gold shimmer. But aside from appearances, Titanium Nitride is a corrosion-resistant material that hardens and strengthens any surface that it is applied to, improving the lifetime durability of that surface by a factor of 3 or more. Talk about a long-life bearing!

Not content to simply keep doing what works, even if it works well, KwiK Ceramic bearings build and improve on the premiere reputation of ceramic bearings to create the most advanced ceramic bearings available.

Available in: Ceramic, Swiss, and Zenith  ALL IN 16 COUNTS
(accommodates one pair of roller skates or two skateboards)