Rollerblade SG5 Bearings


*Inline skates are in high demand and our warehouse is shipping with limited staff on limited days with the Covid-19 pandemic currently going on.  We are attempting to keep inventory as current as possible.  Please be patient with your order during these trying times and allow some extra time to receive your order.  We will contact you with an estimate of when you should receive your order.

SG5 rated Rollerblade skate bearings combine a high level of precision in the machine parts with a proprietary mixture of silicone and grease lubricant to seal the bearings from the elements and allow the wheels to spin fast while keeping them well lubricated and lasting much longer. New inline skate bearings will make your skates feel like a new pair and these SG5 bearings are perfect for any beginner to intermediate skater. The number at the end of the bearing indicates the level of precision, tolerance and speed so the higher the number the faster the bearings. Includes 16 bearings.

• GREAT PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY from the 7-ball bearing design
• LESS FRICTION AND INCREASED SPEED are two of the main benefits from the silicone/grease mixture for smoother, faster rolls
• METAL SHIELDS PREVENT CONTAMINATES from entering the bearings for consistent performance and spin