Sure Grip Shaman Roller Skate Wheels

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Super Special formula grippy Urethane, Blue anodized aluminum hub, 62mm x 38mm Indoor race formulation Full size Aluminum Hub with less Urethane for greater top end speed – the fastest wheel in the world. With intense grip and the ultimate in speed, the Shaman is the #1 indoor speed wheel. Aluminum anodized hub is designed to withstand bearing oil corrosion and thermal heat. Low profile wheel radius results in high velocity performance that is unmatched in the industry. The durometer is estimated and was given to us by Sure Grip, the manufacturer. Made in the USA

The natural color is untinted urethane, and so different batches may show some variation in colors.

Size: 62mm x 42mm
Sold in Package of 8

  • Blue X Grip 89A
  • Green Soft 93A
  • Red Firm 95A
  • Natural Race 97plus