AO Sachem 2 Street Deck - 3 Colors

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The S2 is 5.35” wide which provides for more control over your deck and a more comfortable ride. Near indestructible aluminum drop outs allow for more precise 5-0 grinds and hold the back axle snuggly in place. The deck is 3mm thinner which is a major improvement in the way you feel your deck. The thoroughly reinforced headtube  comes with a 84 degree headtube angle which lets you lock and sit inside of noseblunts and crooks/overcrooks. Despite is large size of 23” the deck is surprisingly light but exceptionally strong and has been tested by some of our heaviest hitting riders for over 6 months without damage or even bending. It’s also very evenly weighted and you feel like you’re sitting right in the middle of the deck.


  • NEW reinforced headtube
  • NEW 84 headtube angle
  • NEW 5.35” width (136 mm)
  • NEW 3 mm thinner for better deck feel
  • Aluminum drop outs
  • Perfectly balanced
  • V2 Double fender
  • Square Tail
  • 28 mm wheel compatible
  • Lightweight, only 4.07 lbs., 1.85 kg (23” deck)
  • The 23” deck also comes as heavy duty (HD) version with a solid base.

The 23” deck also comes as heavy duty (HD) version without cutout at the bottom for those riders that bend every deck.