Spitfire Formula Four Radial Slim Shape 101 Duro Wheel

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The Formula Four Radials Slims Wheel from Spitfire features Unmatched Flatspot Resistance Smooth Anti-Stick Slide High Rebound Compound Radial Slim Shape (Full Running Surface, Rounded Edges, Slimmer Shape) Set Of Four 101a Formulated to give you a harder faster ride the 101 Duro Formula Four Wheels from Spitfire feature unmatched flatspot resistance, smooth anti-stick slide, high rebound compound and are shaped to last longer. Tested by the Spitfire team, Formula Four are their best skateboard wheel yet. The 101a Radial Slims Wheels are 52mm in diameter and have a full running surface with rounded edges for more control, speed and a responsive slide

Wheel Size: 52mm

Wheel Hardness: 101 Duro


          Wheels sold in sets of 4.