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The newest, most exciting edition to aggressive skating is here. It’s been a minute since we had an all new boot-mould to try and the Them 909 skates tick all the boxes while retaining core values. Skater owned and designed (by Jon Julio and Kyle Sola); Them skates are the real deal. The 909 shell is based loosely on it predecessor; the 908, but with upgrades. The Them 909 is available in black or grey colour.

The new boot-mould was created from scratch: the lace holes are now formatted with a more traditional shape but with the addition of two extra cut-outs which were carefully engineered to provide the ideal ‘flex-points’ for grinds. The boot construction has been carefully considered with thicker plastic in the most relevant places, both for better wear and for performance. 

The cuff is adjustable (vertically) to allow you to use it in a high or ride position, depending on your preference for flex and support and allowing you to ease pressure points so commonly experienced when flexing at the ankle on grinds.

The boot uses a small raised heel (slightly lower than a Roces M12 but more pronounced than a flat boot). This provides good shock absorption and energy transfer as well as placing your foot in the best position for extreme foot manoeuvres!

The soul kit stays the same as it's elder brother (the 908) and is heavily shaped and tapered for what Them believe to be the best all-round ergonomics for grind tricks. It's a little wider at the front than the back and of medium size for best control and to retain a streamlined look and controllable feel. The groove is shallow, making for committed, legitimate Royale and groove tricks. The soul plate has been thickened and reenforced since the first version

The bolts and hardware are a breath of fresh air. The 'bridge-style' soulkit bolts stop the receivers from spinning on the inside of the boot when you unscrew the soulkit... a welcome feature for anyone who has ever tried to change their soulkits, ever!

The skate comes with an all-new frame, designed by Jon Julio and Kyle Sola, making the Danny model the first complete Them Skate. The frame uses a low h-block perfectly balanced for both flat and anti-rocker setups. The durable, low friction material makes the frame extremely solid and fast sliding. Them have custom made steel axles that only need one Allen key to unscrew them (similar to the GC FL3 Sickle axles), which means there is less opportunity for rounding your bolts and reduces time spent on setting up new parts. The 30mm ride height keeps the centre of gravity low for control. The frame come in two lengths 250mm or 270mm depending on shell size and fits a maximum of 58mm wheels for flat setups.

The shell sizing uses 'dual size' and comes in 4 shells (XS, Small, Med, Large) which makes buying them online easier. Shell size breakdown is listed below.

The Them skate is a simplistic idea from humble beginnings and evidence that real value lies in the fit and overall feeling of the skate rather than gimmicks and features. They are beautiful to ride when on the roll, retaining their speed with ease and encouraging the skater to execute grind tricks properly with their streamlined construction and refined design.