Bill Tocco X Character – Fade 5 Deck

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Character worked closely with Bill and artist Phil Stone to
come up with the concept of merging both of Bills 80’s graphics into one epic battle between the most iconic “Tocco” graphic the “Octopus” (based on Detroit Red Wings) and his OG “Gun Slinger” graphic. The shape was inspired by Bills 80’s G&S shapes, we combined elements from them all to create this unique “Tocco” approved original shape. We top it off that retro look with some sick fade stains.

  • Art by Phil Stone
  • Length 32.875″
  • Width 8.875”
  • Wheel base 15”
  • Nose 6.625″
  • Tail 7.0″
  • 7-Ply North American Rock Hard Maple
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.