Ground Control BIG Frames - White

Ground Control makes their debut into the big wheel game with their latest frames simply titled; BIG. The Ground Control Big Frames are the bigger brother to the ever popular Featherlite 3 Frames, sharing the shape, the material, as well as the hardware. The shape of these frames allow you to ride 72mm flat while still being able to grind without any fear of wheel bite or sticking.


Premium aggressive frame that allows a 72mm max wheel flat
1 size fits all
260mm spacing between 1st and 4th axle
114mm between 2nd and 3rd axle
Risen sidewalls and h-block provide protection from sticking on grinds
54mm tall frame walls and highest point of hblock
63mm tall at lowest point of hblock
Includes GC Sickle Axles and Aluminum Frame Spacers for durability, rigidity, and speed