Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames - White

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Ground Control took the most popular frame and perhaps the best frame of all time and made it better! Ground control added metal spacers to the frame which improves the the smoothness of the ride as well as making it the frame more sturdy.

The Featherlite 3 also carries over all of the useful changes that were introduced with the Featherlite 2. The first useful feature is the locking axle which makes it so that you only need 1 allen wrench to tighten or loosen your axle bolts. Next the frames have beveled frame edges which improve its cess sliding abilities. They also reduced the weight even more because aggressive skaters demanded an even lighter frame. The frame's groove was redesigned to be slightly smaller because riders felt the original groove started out slightly too big. As with it's predecessor, the Featherlite 3 comes with a set of 42mm nylon anti rockers so that they are ready to grind on right away.

Overall the Ground Control Featherlite 3 frame is extremely durable, stiff, light weight and provides maximum strength. The FLT frame also incorporates GC's signature symmetrical design, a perfect center groove and a low profile.

- All 8 mm axles
- Metal Frame Spacers NEW
- New plastic compound NEW
- One Piece Lightweight Construction
- Recessed Frame Walls
- Sickle Axel Bolts
- Beveled Edges
- Fits 60 mm wheels on outside
- Fits 60 mm wheels on inside
- Includes a set of 4 GC 42mm nylon anti rockers

Size 1 = 6-7 (length = 11 in.)

Size 2 = 8-11 (length = 11 3/8 in.)

Size 3 = 12-15 (length = 11 7/8 in.)