Krom Headshot Pro Mod Kendama - Fischer

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KROM Kendama is stoked to present the HEADSHOT series of the KROM PRO MODS - they're built to slay and with a design that's remixed from the popular V2 mods you know they're some stunners as well.

FISH 🐟- #fishmod
Freestyle Kendama World Champ 2016
North American Freestyle Champ 2015
Minnesota Kendama Open freestyle 2nd place 2016 & 2017

Technical specifications:
- Base cup warp hole
- KROM 20% scope
- 23,5 mm bevel
- Full maple wood construction
- LOL clear super sticky coating
- KROM mini bearing
- Fresh engravings
- Suitable packaging for gifts
- Custom stickers, poster & extra string
- Design by Thorkild May & the KROM PRO team