Krom Headshot Pro Mod Walnut Kendama - Iji

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We're hyped to bring you an exclusive version of the HEADSHOT PRO MODS - with a full walnut ken and a maple/walnut laminated tama💦
The walnut allowing an otherwise beefy shape to be normal in weight and the laminated tama making a high percentage of the kendamas is solidly weight matched.

IJI ✨- #ijimod
Total ninja boss professional kendama performer.
Originator of an entire style of kendama/dance fusion.
Too cool to compete.

Technical specifications:
- Base cup warp hole
- KROM 20% scope
- 23,5 mm bevel
- Full hardwood construction
- LOL clear super sticky coating
- KROM mini bearing
- Fresh engravings
- Suitable packaging for gifts
- Custom stickers, poster & extra string
- Design by Thorkild May & the KROM PRO team