Krom x Keerdtrepp Kendama

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We’re stoked to introduce the new and improved KROM x Keerdtrepp dama! Both KROM & Keerdtrepp believes in taking things to the next level whenever possible, that’s why we’ve upgraded to the PRO edition. Featuring the AK shape, a-grade maple wood, sticky LOL clear and many more upgrades this kendama absolutely shreds and belongs in any slayer's collection.

Keerdtrepp is a action sports crew with a base in Tallinn, they’ve been a huge part of spreading the kendama culture across Estonia on a national scale, focusing on comradery, good times and inclusivity. 

Technical specifications 💦
KROM AK shape
Super sticky LOL clear
Durable maple wood
Base cup warp hole
Mini bearing
Laser engravings
Custom stickers
Mini poster & extra string