Madd Gear MGP Composite Flex Brake - 110mm Black

These brakes are found on all MGP's VX4 Team, Nitro and Extreme scooters & MFX Decks. The days of metal flex brakes are over and thanks to developments in technology, Madd Gear are able to produce a long lasting, hard wearing and lighter brake made of a composite material, which also means less noise!

They are made from a plastic composite material with a metal insert to absorb the heat when braking. They come with self locking screws so no more nuts to undo on the bottom.

The 110mm version is suitable for use with the following models: MGP VX4 Team Scooters, MGP VX4 Nitro Scooters, MGP VX4 Extreme Scooters, MGP VX5 Team Scooters, MGP VX6 Team Scooters