• DURABLE FOR MILES OF USE - The Radar Morph roller skate wheels' durable dual "stacked" urethane will give you long-lasting grip whether on a tailored wooden rink floor, sport/tile court or many different types of indoor concrete.
  • ENGINEERED TO MAXIMIZE SPEED - These indoor performance skate wheels reduce friction and deliver increased speed on various types of surfaces. These quad rollerskate wheels work for casual indoor skating or competitive derby skating.
  • SMOOTH RIDE FOR OPTIMAL SKATING - These versatile skating wheels roll smooth to help improve the comfort of your ride. The Radar Morph wheels can upgrade your skates or be future replacements.
  • UNIQUE URETHANE DESIGN - The Radar Morph skate wheel has a unique design with a harder performance compound for a fast roll, as well as a softer compound for improved edge control.
  • MATCH YOUR SKATES & YOUR LIFESTYLE - These 38mm x 59mm skate wheels each come in different hardnesses. Double check the wheel hardness as not all colors are the same. There are 5 different colors combinations to match any set of skates: Magenta & Orange is 84A/88A, Orange & Lime is 88A/91A, Orange & Blue is 88A/93A, Lime & Yellow is 91A/95A, and Blue & Green is 93A/97A.