Nitro Circus R Willy CX3 Complete Scooter - Blue/Red/Black

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The RW CX3 boasts aluminum handlebars, a weight-saving, bespoke necktube, and a trim double clamp to cut the bulk and increase the agility of the strongest, most capable complete scooter on the market. Available in blue-red blend coating, the CX3 will not only physically stand out from the crowd, but along with its world-beating features will aid the rider in truly becoming the very best.

- Total weight: 4.3kg (9.5 lbs)
- Total height: 86cm (34 inches)

Blue / Red / Gloss Black 

- Deck: 540mm X 120mm
- Fork: Alloy Threadless Fork
- Handlebar: Alloy Bar, 580mm x 580mm Y Bar
- Grips: 140mm Length Soft Grip DC-G242
- Wheel: 110mm Alloy Core LP
- Head Parts HIC - Mini Headset Threadless + HIC
- Brake: 3 Bolt Brake
- Clamp: Double Clamp