Penny 27" Nickel Woodstock Complete Skateboard - Tie Dye

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About the Woodstock 27"

Embrace the relaxed, carefree lifestyle and show off your inner hippy with this expressive Woodstock 27” graphic Penny skateboard. You’ll enjoy many chilled out adventures on this board, which features a tie-dye print in rainbow colours.

The Set Up
A crowd favourite, the Woodstock graphic Penny is a great ride for anyone who wants to let their wild side roam free. The 27” Penny Nickel is great for anyone who wants a little more plastic underfoot. Whether you’re learning to skate, trying new tricks, or simply enjoy the feel of a little more stability, this is the board size for you. With rainbow tie-dye colourings on one side of your deck, and our classic blue waffled top on the other, this board is sure to grab attention.

Wheels and Bearings
Four 59mm 83A wheels of different colours (yellow, blue, pink and red) add to the eclectic spirit of the Woodstock Penny and bring out the colours of the board’s graphic. Made from our high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels will ensure your ride is smooth and easy.

White powder coated trucks allow the bright colours of your Woodstock graphic board to really shine. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light, strong, and ready to carve.

The 27" Woodstock features blue, white, red and purple high tensile bolts to highlight your graphic colours and complement the blue deck.