Root Industries Type R Mini Complete Scooter - Rocket Fuel

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Following in the footsteps of it's big brother, the Type R Mini is sure to catch the eye of any budding scooter rider looking for a serious setup - and these completes don't disappoint! Featuring overall smaller components than its predecessor while retaining professional-level specs, this miniature beast of a complete scooter is ready to take to the skatepark and shred right out of the box. Getting your young one on a suitable scooter to start his or her freestyle scootering journey has never been easier!


It's hard to compete when the Type R Mini is sporting these specs at the highest quality:


- High-strength chromoly Type R Mini handlebars - 17" height, 18" width

- Unique Type R Mini deck - 17" length, 4.8" width

- 110mm x 24mm Type R wheels

- Forged fork

- Root Industries AIR headset

- R2 handlebars grips

- Durable, lightweight Nylon brake

- Weight - 7.3 lbs.