Sector 9 Seeker 39 Complete Longboard

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The Seeker is the ultimate freestyle carver. With its composite construction, a responsive flex allows you to get the most out of each turn. It has a drop through truck mount lowering the center of gravity making it easier to slide and less effort to push. There is still a small nose and tail allowing for freestyle tricks and kick turns.

Key Features of Sector 9 Seeker 39 Longboard Complete:
- Fiberglass & 5 Ply Maple Sandwich
- Full Dip Color
- CNC Drop Through
- Dimensions: 39.0" L x 9.1" W x 29.0" WB
- 10.0" Gullwing Charger Trucks
- 71mm 78a Slick Shoe Wheels
- Abec 5 PDP Bearings
- Bearing Spacers
- 3200 Jessup Grip Tape