Sure Grip Detroit Rhythm Roller Skates - Black or White

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Sure-Grip Detroit Rhythm Skates - Comes with the 93 boot from Sure-Grip which features all leather uppers, Flex-notch to allow a better flex for the ankle, a shering lined tongue, clorino lined boot and a light weight sole and heel. Placed on top of the Snyder Super Deluxe extruded aluminum plate with 10 degree double action trucks and the original Sure Grip Premier 57mm wheels, a hard clay rink wheel, with Qube Juice bearings. This set-up is a classic rhythm skate set-up.

Detroit Skate Package
Skate package features the all leather model 93 boot, Snyder Super Deluxe plate, Premier wheels, QUBE Juice bearings, and a Snyder toe stop.

Black: Men's Whole Sizes 3 - 13
White: Men's Whole Sizes 3 - 11

Men's sizing / women go down one size