USD Sway Montre Livingston Pro Boot Only Skates


The USD Sway started out as a model marketed at intermediate skaters but due to its undeniable features and performance, it soon became the skate of choice for some of USD's top pro riders. With the addition of some higher-end parts, such as the MyFit Crown liner used in this model, the Sway is transformed into a skate suitable for undoubtedly one of the best bladers of all time, Montre Livingston.

 The skate has a slightly raised heel (like a THEM, Roces or Razor Cult) improving stance position for topside grinds and further increasing shock absorption through the bottom of the boot.

The soul plate is arguably the best part of the Sway. Super wide on both positive an negative sides, flat with straight, clean edges and a perfect royal groove.

The shell plastic feels strong, rigid and supportive with a regular/medium height cuff which offers some really great support, especially in combination with the Crown liner.



US 5.5-6 / US 6.5-7 (W) / EU 37-38

US 7-7.5 / US 8-8.5 (W) / EU 39-40

US 8-9 / US 9-10 (W) / EU 41-42

US 10-10.5 / EU 43-44

US 11-12 / EU 45-46