The Jackson Finesse is a high-boot skate intended for artistic skating, but this skate can be used in a variety of ways depending on how you customize the setup. This skate is a classic Indoor/Outdoor high-boot skate which will allow you to dance, jam, skate or cruise just about anywhere you desire. Outfit your Finesse boot with Bones Team Wheels, Atom Tone, or Roll-Line Boxer wheels for indoor Rhythm and Dance. If you want to skate outside, the Bankroll X4 wheels, Atom Pulse, or Sonar Zen wheels are great for outdoor skating.


  • Reinforced Vinyl coated uppers
  • Anti-bacterial Nylex lining.
  • Leather board reinforcement for strength, feel, comfort and security.
  • Memory foam ankle padding for comfort and feel
  • Flex notch for greater ankle flex.
  • A rolled collar that eliminates irritation to Achilles' tendons
  • Foam-backed vinyl and mesh comfort tongue
  • Stylized traditional PVC soles
  • Wheels sonic outdoor 62mmx32mmx85A