Modern Skate and Surf goes Hollywood

Recently a film called Sk8 Dawg was released to DVD and Digital.  Modern Skate and Surf apparel and shop decks are featured in this film as every skater is wearing Modern t-shirts, stickers, or skating on Modern Skate and Surf shop decks.  Its a family movie with the usual family values that one would expect out of this type of film, but it is definitely worth a watch.  Not only is Modern featured in this film but the late Wayfinding Skatepark in Detroit makes an appearance along with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.  Modern's presence must have had some sort of influence on the producers since they named the skate shop in the movie "Modern Skate" and even named the owner George!  Below is the trailer and movie review from



Fourteen-year-old Tommy Schooner comes from a family whose lives revolve around skateboarding. His mom and dad own a rapidly growing skateboard company called Modern Skate that is preparing for a meeting with a large investment firm, headed by Mr. Hoffman. Also Tommy’s sister is a professional skater and the public face of the company. Even his dog Buddy can shred with the best of them. While practicing skating with Buddy, Tommy accidentally runs into Frankie, a 17-year-old local skater and town bully. After an argument, Tommy challenges Frankie to a skate competition. Unfortunately, Tommy didn’t inherit his father’s passion nor his sister’s abilities, and the skate competition is in five days. With a lot of practice and a little help from his best friend Alice and his trusty dog Buddy, he just might be ready in time for the competition—and he might learn something about integrity along the way

Dove Review

Sk8 Dawg is a rollicking good time! The skateboarding moves are fun to watch, and Buddy, the talking dog, is a hoot to listen to! The Schooners own a business, Modern Skate, and Dad has always been pre-occupied with work and with skating with his daughter, Tommy’s older sister, Sally. She’s so good that Sally is in London at the start of the film, in a skating competition. She and her dad always had a love for skateboarding in common. Tommy is skating now and hopes to gain his father’s attention. When Tommy literally runs into a bully named Frankie and accidentally knocks him down, Frankie challenges him to a skating competition “on Friday,” so Tommy will have to learn some moves—and quickly!

Tommy learns that his talent and abilities might lie elsewhere. Just what might that be? And how does he fare in the head-on competition with Frankie? You will have to view this fast-paced and fun movie to see. Rest assured that Buddy will keep you laughing along the way. His desire for meat gets him in trouble more than once in the movie.

The Dove Take: This movie is fun with a capital F. It showcases some great skateboarding moves and shows how a modern family deals with the fast pace of life. The family cares for one another and supports one another, although they have to remind themselves to do so in their fast-paced lives. We are pleased to award the film our Dove-Approved All Ages Seal. Watching this one is bound to bring a smile—or a chuckle—to your day.



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