Meet the Staff of Modern Skate and Surf



Name:  George

Position:  Owner/Janitor

Years at Modern:  40+

Discipline:  You Name It, He's Done It, Or Probably Still Is

Name:  Eric Schmidt

Position:  Manager/Shop Dad

Years at Modern:  100

Discipline:  Skateboards/Snowboarding/A Little Bit of Everything Else

Other Hobbies:  Rad Dad, Family Life, Watching Movies, Eating, Riding scooters

Favorite Movie:  The Shining

Name:  Shane Thomas

Position:  Assistant Manager/Buyer/Skateboard Instructor

Years at Modern: 9

Discipline:  Skateboarding/Snowboarding

Other Hobbies:  Music/Videography/Photography/Drinking Coffee

Favorite Movie:  the Outsiders, the Warriors

Name: Ben Persinger

Position:  Park Guy/Skateboard Instructor/Broom pusher

Years at Modern:  1

Discipline:  Skateboarding/Finger boards

Other Hobbies:  Filming skate videos, Teaching skateboarding

Favorite Movie:  Superbad, Dude where's my car?

Name:  Isidore Gosselin

Position:  Park Dog/Shop Cat/Broom Pusher

Years at Modern:  4

Discipline:  Skateboarding/Longboarding

Other Hobbies:  Writing/Fishing and Soccer

Favorite Movie:  Element of Peace, Foundation Souvenir, Anti Hero, Toy Machine Good vs. Evil, Forest Gump 

 Name:  Jordan Watkins

Position:  Instructor/Cleaner/Park Rat

Years at Modern:  Like 3 years or something 

Discipline:  Skateboards/Trucks/Protective Gear

Other Hobbies:  Teaching/Skating/Being on my Phone/Eating Food

Favorite Movie:  Goodfellas and Ready Player one

Name:  Lennon Whiteside

Position:  Keyholder/Instructor/Shop Cat/Assistant to the Assistant

Years at Modern:  5.5 

Discipline:  Skateboards/Shoes/Insoles

Other Hobbies:  Camping, Music, Drawing, Running, Being Healthy

Favorite Movie:  Sandlot, Rocky series

Name:  Tyler Lee

Position:  Shop/Park

Years at Modern:  Three and a Half

Discipline:  Skateboarding/Shoes/Clothes

Other Hobbies:  Photography, Art and Elden Ring

Favorite Movie:  Bubble boy or any Adam Sandler movie


Name:  Gavin Caldwell

Position:  Shop/Park

Years at Modern:  4 months

Discipline:  Skateboarding/Inline/Clothes

Other Hobbies: Music/Thrifting/photography

Favorite Movie: Spy Kids the first one, The Incredibles and 21 Jump street

 Name:  Casey Tapia

Position:  Shop Dude/ Park Dad/ Swamp Trog/ Redneck/ Instructor

Years at Modern:  1.5

Discipline:  Skateboarding and Whatnot

Other Hobbies:  Bein' outside/ Art/ Filming/ Stretching

Favorite Movie:  Superbad, Pulp Fiction, As above so below