Scooter Maintenance 101




Grips are important assets on your scooter because they help absorb shock from drops and gaps. Grips will naturally wear and tear after continuous use. If your grips are torn or worn, the best way to replace them is with an air compressor. Turn the compressor on after you insert it’s nozzle between the grips and bars. This technique loosens the grip by creating space between the bars and the grips. After a little tug and pull, your old worn grips should slide off with ease. Use this same technique to apply new grips.

Loose Parts

If you notice your scooter a bit wobbly, check your wheel axles, clamps, brakes or compression for needed tightening. All you need is an allen key (hex key) that measures 4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Brakes commonly require a 4mm allen key while the axles, clamps and compression usually require a 5mm or 6mm allen key. So give your scooter a quick inspection and tighten any loose parts. This should only take a few minutes. Always remember, righty tighty lefty loosey!

In case you do not have an allen key (hex key), you can purchase a Park Tool AWS-1 at our store or on our site.

Lubricating your Bearings

There are six bearings on a scooter (two in each wheel and two in the headset). In order to ensure that your scooter is always running at its maximum potential, you must maintain the wheel bearings and headset bearings lubricated. Lubricating the wheel bearings is a piece of cake!  Place a drop of speed cream or a lubricant of your choice on each side of the wheel in the bearing and give your wheel a spin. This should evenly distribute the lubricant. In order to grease the headset bearings you must first loosen your compression and remove your bars and forks so you have access to the bearings. Once you have access to the headset bearings you apply some lubricant on the bearings and spin them to evenly distribute the grease.

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