Shane's review of the film: Mid 90's

Mid 90’s Experience

 First thing is first.  Mid 90’s was awesome.  I was super stoked to see it and the fact that we saw it days early for free is a plus.

As far as the film goes, Jonah Hill killed it.  I feel like he did an amazing job showcasing skateboarding to not only skaters, but to viewers who do not skate as well.  He showed the pride, the hardships, the experience.

Mid 90’s was filmed on Super 16 film in a 4:3 aspect ratio.  I thought this gave the film a great aesthetic.  Really put you into the film.  The skate video at the end was a cool outro.

To sum it up, Mid 90’s gets four and a half stars from me.  Great watch…funny, relate able, and emotional.  I just didn’t care for the blank ending.  Can’t wait to see the next skateboard movie!

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