Skate Park Etiquette

Every skate park is different when it comes to rules of the park.  But there are a lot of unwritten rules that come with the culture of skateboarding.  Most skaters learned these customary edicts through other skateboarders at the parks, backyard ramps, or even at a favorite curb at the 7-11.  There is a common courtesy that should be shown when at the public parks especially, and these unwritten rules should be handed down to the newcomers of the skateboard culture.  These cultural traditions in skateboarding not only allow constant fun, but decrease the rate of potential injuries not only to yourself, but to others as well.  Instead of listening to me yammer on about what to do and what not to do, here is a little video from the Ride Channel that sums it up.


And if you have a little more time on your hands today, the Tony Hawk Foundation has a little 30 minute podcast for your enjoyment on the way to the skatepark......



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