Brett Urbas

It is with the HEAVIEST of hearts that I have to tell you that our beloved Brett Urbas has passed away.

If it was not for this amazing young man and his family, Modern Skate Park would not exist as it is today. 
He began as a naturally gifted skater that eventually became World Champion. He was loved and respected by EVERYONE that crossed his path. 
He was hit by a car while skating on Thursday, June 30, 2015 -- doing what he loved to do and did better than most.
We want to share a post by a random parent that helps explain what a great kid Brett was...
"Brett I can not thank you enough for everything you did for my family and son Benjamin .... Before knowing what the world of skating was; I thought skaters and boarders were people I would not want to associate with or would not want my son to emulate or idolized ... But you Brett changed the way I felt ... You always had patience, you were caring and respectful in your teachings of my son .... The skating was only part of the lessons you taught him ... Brett I will always thank you for what you did for my son but, you also impressed me with the respect you had for my wife as you also taught her the things she needed to know as the mother of a skater ... Brett you are the kind of guy that a kid will remember forever and he will undoubtedly tell others about you for the rest of his life .... That's what you call leaving a legacy and having your name be remembered for a long time ... The sad part other than losing one of my son's idol's is, although I told you many times thank you; I never really told you how you have help Benjamin's mother and I mold our son into the athlete and all around great kid he is becoming... So for all that, I thank you sir ....
I'm sure this is just another story of many, of how a boy's love for big ramps, rails and half pipes brought him and his family into Brett's world and how that chance meeting changed everyone for the better; including me, and to think I once didn't want skaters and boarders to be part of my life ... Thanking God we walked into Modern just a few years ago ..."
Brett Urbas "Shred In Peace" Memorial Tee