Ella Hyatt
June 2017

Name: Ella Hyatt
Age: 10
Number of Years Skating: 1 year
Favorite Pro: Brighton Zeuner
Favorite Part of Modern: The entire park
Instagram: @swanky_ella_hyatt
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Modern employee: Matt Reschke

Elliott Szacon
May 2017

Name: Elliott Szacon
Age: 16 this month
Number of Years Skating: 9 years
Favorite Pro: Luan Oliveira
Favorite Part of Modern: manual pad/box
Instagram: @swanky_elliott
Favorite Food: buffalo wings
Favorite Modern employee: all of 'em!

Elliott has been coming to the park with his brother for 6 years. He is a founding member of the local grom crew, The Swanky Squad. He is a flat ground wizard and can do a bunch of weird flip tricks. Elliott and his family will soon be moving out of the area. We will miss them but wish them the best in their new spot.