As you read this, I can envision your pupils dilating and your heart rate increasing while the memories of this shoe launching back in 1997 come flashing back to you. The éS 197 changed the game and raised the bar for all skate shoes that followed. It was the first to feature premium quality nubuck leather overlapping durable suede and breathable mesh, as well as a pioneering double cup sole with a Polyurethane mid sole that was a stroke of genius during a period of industry product stagnation. By embracing the DNA of the past, the éS 197 allows you to to step confidently into the future and achieve unprecedented levels of success. Amen.

  • Lycra Spandex tongue straps
  • Molded STI Energy Foam Footbed
  • 90’s style tongue & collar padding for increased comfort & protection
  • Breathable tongue mesh
  • 400 NBS rubber cupsole outsole
  • Double cupsole outsole with STI Energy Foam midsole
  • Action Nubuck/Textile