For Powell-Peralta and the legendary Bones Brigade, their unique skate deck graphics became just as iconic as their signature tricks! Super7’s latest wave of 3.75” scale Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures includes Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, and Tony Hawk each inspired by their signature deck graphics! Don’t shred your cred as a collector! Snap up the Powell-Peralta ReAction Figures of these Bones Brigade icons for your collection!

If Bruce Lee looks like this, you’d hate to see the other guy! This 3.75” articulated ReAction Figure of Bruce Lee as The Warrior depicts him with an intense expression on his face and battle wounds on his chest, and includes black nunchucks accessory. Celebrate 50 years of Bruce Lee’s legacy with this collection of Bruce Lee ReAction Figures!

Chucky is done trying to be anyone’s best friend, because all he wants now is revenge, no matter how much blood has to be spilled! This 3.75” articulated Child’s Play 2 ReAction figure of Evil Chucky featuring generous blood-splatter detail and bloody knife accessory inspired by the film “Child’s Play 2”. It would be a bloody shame to miss out on adding the ReAction figure of Evil Chucky to your Child’s Play or horror movie collection!

This isn’t just a ReAction figure, it’s a way of life! The 3.75” scale, articulated The Return of the Living Dead ReAction figure of Zombie Suicide is inspired by the movie poster for the 1985 cult classic film and features the undead, would-be brain eater with removable intestines accessory. Whether you’re a collector of all-things-zombie or a fan of cult classic films, a The Return of the Living Dead ReAction figure of Zombie Suicide will give your collection an unkillable dose of Punk Rock attitude!